She works with eager hands…

A friend’s daughter is going to a summer camp where the Extraordinary Form of the Mass will be offered everyday. One of the essential pieces of clothing for this camp, therefore, is a veil/headcovering/mantilla. She asked me if I knew where she could get one. Do I! I have a drawer dedicated to head coverings. Well, after the great Easter Vigil conflagration (my veil + handheld candle = I’m on fire!), I was down by one. For some reason, my daughters have lost/torn a number of theirs, and I didn’t really want to lend out my pashmina scarves. I had, late last year, purchased a yard or so of decent lace from JoAnne Fabric as well as trimming. So I made one for her. Here is how it turned out.


Not bad. Definitely not my handmade Spanish mantilla quality (uh, no, I didn’t make the mantilla–husband bought it for me), but still pretty nonetheless. But if I ever learn how to make lace myself, watch out!


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