Freaking Out!

Dear Husband’s homecoming is close. So close I can almost taste it. And smell it (ever smelled amine?). And feel it (it’s ok, we’re married).

Yeah, kinda like that. Only better. Her eyes aren’t quite crazy enough. Face looks way too calm.

Deep breaths!

Thankfully, I am swimming. Every day. With my dear friend. (Thank you, L!) And running. And biking. And keeping busy. And praying. A lot. Today I had to do it all just to stay sane.

With this level of excitement, it’s hard to sleep, hard to stay calm, to focus on anything. Time creeps. The Rosary helps as does adoration and Mass. As is evident by my writing, putting more than three words together is a struggle. But pretty soon, this will be me, heel pop and all.
Bring. It. On.


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