Children’s Theater

The kids branched out and tried something new. Missoula Children’s Theater came to town and offered a free week of children’s musical theater for the play Robin Hood to the military children. The first day was auditions and a two hour practice. Then followed three more days of 4.5 hours of practice. And then, today, the culmination of it all. Nine hours of glorious theater. First a run through, then a dress rehearsal, a 3 pm show and a 5:30 pm show. The children were delirious with excitement. Stepford Son did quite well as Prince John. He really got into it. Mini Me, as Marian’s maid, delighted in her responsibility of herding and guiding the skunks (all the 5-7 year olds involved). My Wallflower, who didn’t want a speaking part, was happy to be Forester #5 (she ended up having a few lines and doing marvelously). And then the Little Soldier was a Little Stinker, one of the many skunks. A huge thank you to Missoula Children’s Theater and especially Mr. Scott and Mr. Eli for giving military kids this opportunity to be involved in theater and for working with the kids so hard all week.



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