“And when they heard it, they glorified God” (Acts 21. 20).

I have been involved in numerous conversations centering on this question: Why do you homeschool? There are several answers ranging from protecting one’s children from outside influences, being able to teach religious truths, having greater flexibility. Mine has always been somewhat more prideful: I can do it better.

Tonight I read about St. Paul in Acts. He came to Jerusalem after his mega-tour of the middle east, converting city after city to the Faith. This apostle to the Gentiles seemed to be able to bring the converts in by the thousands, maybe even out-doing St. Peter himself. When he met with the elders, “he related one by one the things that God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry.” Hearing this, “they glorified God,” (21. 19, 20). Not Paul.

So many times, as a mother, I relate things my children have done (that I have taught them, of course) or have them “perform” for guests, not for God’s glory, but for my own. I want to hear my children praised because it reflects well on me. Shouldn’t I really be working to teach them that others may hear/see and glorify God? Whose praise am I working for? God’s or Man’s?

This is something I’ll probably struggle with for my entire life. It’s easy to forget that my children’s accomplishments do not define my worth. That comes from God alone. Always back to Him. From Him comes my worth, my ability to work and teach, that I may take that ability and give the fruits of it to His glory.

St. Peter, pray for me, that I may learn to work for God’s glory alone.


3 thoughts on “Motivations

    • So glad to hear it. God has been teaching me a lot this spring and summer. Am going to try to teach more “from rest” this year, remembering I am teaching human beings, not doings.

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