Around the world, pro-lifers are participating in 40 Days for Life, a peaceful approach to ending abortion in our communities. A few days ago, the children and I marched in front of the local abortion clinic. I’m going to be honest and say that it is one of my least favorite things to do. I hate abortion (the practice, NOT the persons who participate) as it is the killing of an innocent life, but I also hate standing out there, with people looking at me, thinking, “Oh, she’s one of those.” I know, I know. It’s my weakness and selfishness coming out. My fear of not being accepted, of not being liked. Father, forgive me my weakness and give me the strength to stand up for life.

And because it seemed to me very pro-life….

Movie Review: All is Lost

One man on the Indian Ocean in a yacht crashes into a rogue shipping container and must battle with Mother Nature and fate to survive. Stepford Son and I watched this one together. I have to say it was absolutely amazing. There was no dialogue, really no background music to speak of (but what there was, was amazing), so I found myself watching even more closely, trying to pick up hints from the man’s actions and what went on around him. After every new crisis that arose, I found myself shouting in my head like the Romans in the Coliseum at a Gladiator match, “Life! Life! Life!” Son and I disagreed on what happened to the man at the end. Watch it and decide.




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