Autumn is my all time favorite season. Weather-wise, food-wise, clothing-wise. It’s just…the best. So here are some pictures to celebrate the season.

French Onion soup. Thank you, Julia Child and YouTube.

Squash and Bean Minestrone

Mmmm, some of the minestrone topping on parmesan crusted toasts.

Hot chocolate on a chilly day.

IMG_0627 IMG_0626
Getting cold in the house. Time to wear hats and coats during school.

Which also means it’s time for fires in the fireplace!

IMG_0687 IMG_0662 IMG_0641 IMG_0636
Time for leaf-raking and rake wars.

IMG_0603 IMG_0610 IMG_0612 IMG_0203 IMG_0618 IMG_0218 IMG_0207 IMG_0205
And hiking. The above are from the AT on Mt. Greylock in Massachusetts. Dear Husband and I hiked there a couple of weeks ago as a birthday present to me.

God gives us autumn and it’s beauty before the chill dreariness of winter. One last burst of color and majesty before all dies, sleeps, to rise again in spring. Praise be to God for the seasons. For such clear markers of the year. For such vivid images of birth, life, death and resurrection.


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