We are family

It’s been on my heart recently that my extended family relationships are not all that I’d like them to be. I have two brothers whom I speak to only rarely though we are on good terms; a still-living grandmother and grandmother-in-law whom I love; a mom and a dad; not to mention my mother and father-in-law, nieces, nephews and brothers and sisters-in-law. I love all these people dearly, but I rarely see them, much less converse with them. Part of the reason for this lack of family connection is certainly the distance–we live in New England, they live in the Mid- and Southwest. Even still, many far-flung families seem to have vibrant relationships full of communication. Why not mine?

For my part, it’s sheer laziness. It is difficult for me to put forth the effort. As an introverted type, communicating my thoughts in spoken language is not my strength. Why don’t I write letters? I could. Again, laziness. Love is a verb, not a feeling. It’s a choice, an action. St. James says “Faith…if it has no works, is dead” (2.17). Love is the same. Relationship cannot survive without communication, without some tangible proof of love.

So I pray to God to spur me on to love those he has given me, to inspire me to show them all a tangible proof of my love for them.


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