Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for several things. First was lunch out with my dear friend/mother in the faith at a local restaurant with locally sourced, organic foods. I ate ricotta gnocchi with tomatoes, mozzarella and chicken. We talked for a few hours on a lovely patio, not even breaking for a passing thunderstorm.

Next, an enormous party in honor of my friend and running partner, on furlough from a missionary trip. Let me tell you, there is no party like a Catholic party. We all brought dishes from different countries and ate ourselves silly. Children definitely outnumbered adults. I got to see almost all of my friends from our previous parish, and my oldest got to attend his old youth group. I really miss that community. It’s where I feel truly at home, where I belong.

Finally, my husband came home after 5.5 weeks away! I missed him terribly but am thankful we were still able to communicate daily. And now, I have my partner back, so we can continue walking together the road of faith in this life.


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