2nd Sunday of Advent

Today was busy. A few of the children and I went to pick up supplies to make gifts for each other. I love this time of year when the children are busy with their secrets. Like the Little Martyr said to me tonight, “I love seeing people’s faces when they open what I’ve made for them.”

I’ve missed two days of sitting before the Blessed Sacrament. I hope I can get back in the habit tomorrow.

Today’s gospel reading is from Matthew and is the account of St. John the Baptist preparing the way of the Lord. In it he speaks to the Pharisees saying, “Bear fruit that befits repentance…” (3.8). That made me think. What is the fruit that befits repentance?Not gloominess or seriousness. (“May God protect me from gloomy saints.”– St. Teresa of Avila). Humility. Humility born of the knowledge of my weakness and the knowledge of just how much I am in debt to God. Gratitude for God’s mercy. Patience with myself and others.

God, help these fruits to grow in my soul. Help me to repent and daily turn back to You.



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